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Peter Gurbani | Best Tailors for Men’s Suits & Blazers

Creative Counsel

You want us to tailor your bespoke suit and we are ready. Simply calls us on :+ (234) 706-533-8306 or send us an email on We shall do your bidding.

Book an Appointment


Our assistance begins in our first meeting with you. If you don’t have a definite suit/pattern/design in mind, then we, as experts, will guide you in what will “suit” you the best.


Innovation and Style

Style is what is trending. Right from the type of the garment, right up to the collar style and down to the number of buttons, making you distinctive is what we do best. If you do have a reference picture that you us to follow, please share that with us.

Measuring up

To customize your suit, our representative will take your body measurements, just one time. These measurements will then be maintained in our log books so that we can refer to it whenever the need arises.

Crafting and Sewing

Our workshop in Hongkong is a vibrant workstation. All your desired attires are sewn here. We begin tailoring your suit/coat/shirt at the earliest to deliver you the finest.

The Best Ready for Delivery

Within 4 weeks, your garment is ready to be picked from our store in Lagos, Nigeria