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Our story

Hongkong is one of the global destinations for stylish and dignified customized suits. With an eye for elegance, Peter Gurbani had perfected this craft and has excelled in taking the right measurement to give your form not just a perfect fit, but enhance your personality.

He has now earned reputation as a high calibre outfitter for luxury outfits executing skilled fitting and handmade bespoke tailoring.

It was in 1999 that Peter Gurbani began tailoring bespoke suits. Joining a company in Hongkong reputed for their handmade ensemble for men including jackets, coats, where he toured the globe fashioning made-to-measure suits, blazers, shirts and trousers.

Branching Out

July 13th 2018, Peter came up with his first every FLAGSHIP store Peter Gurbani. One stop Men’s clothing Store with Made to Measure, Ready to Wear and Accessories under one roof.
Ready to wear is the first of its kind where Peter has designed his own collection and kept it ready for Ready to Wear.

He still believes Made to Measure is what drives him and will always remain his passion. At store he has designated a exclusive area for Made to Measure clients, giving client the exclusivity they deserve.

He also pays his clients a home visit on appointed time to give focused attention.

His aim is to be the of the best in tailoring industry also counselling his clients on the trends and fashion of the season, though top of the line is customer satisfaction.

Our roster boasts of eminent clientele, prestigious and close knitted circles of fashionistas, and vogue conscious patrons who consider Peter Gurbani as their institution when it comes to their wardrobe.

Why choose us

Quality is our key business

Quality has always been at the core of us, as we want our products to last whilst being used every day. To ensure the highest quality, we like to be in charge of the entire development and production process – from the first sketch to the final stroller.

Integrating Technology

Integrating technology in tailoring enabled Peter to give a touch of enhancement to his ensemble. Harnessing the advanced sewing machines and other sewing tools, he optimized the output as well as the business.

Product Design

Today, he proffers advice on new age styles and fits on iPads, and recommends fashion as on date for those who want to be in vogue. He keeps in regular touch with his global clients thru e-communication ie mails, instagram, facebook etc. He is competently supported by a team of fashion designers who have a thorough knowledge of fabrics and textures. They also keep themselves updated with latest trends in business wear, leisure and evening attire. They team has skilled the art of blending traditional with contemporary.

On Time Delivery

This has also helped him in delivering the outfits on time and match any deadline the client may have.


Though it is an interactive business, discretion plays the most important part with Peter and his team. All client information is confidential and safety of that intelligence is valued with uncompromising commitment.

Meet our team

Peter Gurbani
Founder / Sr.Consultant

Lucky Punjabi
Sr.Consultant – Design & Fit

Karan Gregrath
Sr.Consultant- Design & Fit

Kishan Ayani
Consultant- Design & Fit

Mili Nair
Customer Relationship Manager

Deepesh Punjabi
Consultant- Design & Fit

Mohit Punjabi
Consultant- Design & Fit

Girish Malkani
Consultant- Design & Fit

Feel free, move free

Enjoy the feeling of freedom, that’s the feeling we want
to capture when we design our products.

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