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To adjust your suit and claim your credit, please follow these steps:

1 – Download & Print our Alteration Form
Use the visual guide to help you understand the ways a suit can be altered by an alteration service. Please note that alterations will also depend on the experience and expertise of your tailor.

Download the Form
2 – Take Your Alteration Form and Suit to a Local Tailor
Have your tailor indicate all changes on our alteration form.

3 – Apply for an Alteration Credit
Follow the on-screen instructions to claim your alteration credit. You must apply for your alteration credit within 30 days of your order shipping. You will also be asked to upload a photographed or scanned copy of your receipt as well as input the measurement changes made by your tailor for your alteration claim to be accepted.

Apply Here
Please let us know within 10 days of receiving your order if you are going to require alterations on your garment.

Contact our Customer Experience team.